Z3 alttp editor

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Roc's Feather

ASM Scripts Require xkas or asar to compile the asm, you can easily find them on google (i recommend asar)
how to patch a rom with the asm file :
Run a command line window (CTRL+R) type `cmd` enter
Place your asm files and your rom in the same folder then type `cd "yourfolderpath"`
you should now have something like `C:\myasmScripts>` now depending on what program you have you type
`asar.exe scriptfile.asm romfile.sfc` `xkas.exe scriptfile.asm romfile.sfc`
Your rom is now patched !, you can run your romfile.sfc and see if it worked :)

Hex Edits

Change uncle item set byte `0x2DF45` to Item Chest ID `0x15` for cane of somaria

Feel free to send resources, suggestions, questions via github or discord @Zarby89#2265