Enemizer for zelda alttp

Current Version : 6.0.29 - 6 May 2018

Download Link : Download

Update note : (6.0.28)
Fixed retro mode compatibility
Updated included sprites
Updated alternative boss graphics and shield options

Update note : (6.0.28)
Note from this version up Enemizer will only work with v29+ randomizer roms
Added Zarby's new alternative boss graphics

Update note : (6.0.27)
Updated Boss Randomizer to be able to handle new v29 ER roms. Note Enemizer will no longer work with pre-v29 ER roms.
Added ZSPR format support for sprites
Bug fixes

Update note : (6.0.26)
Updated MSU1 code to latest version by qwertymodo
Added flag to mute SPC music for MSU1
Added Zarby's Agahnim Fun Mode
Fixed crash when trying to use a race rom or invalid rom file

Update note : (6.0.25)
Added (spc) music mute option for use with MSU1 support

Update note : (6.0.24)
Added additional check for race roms
New system for custom boss graphics
New brightness increase option for palettes

Update note : (6.0.23)
Fixed vitreous key softlock
Fixed bugs in graph
Fixed error message display when trying to use a race rom or non-randomizer rom

Update note : (6.0.22)
Set keese to not have keys (really)

Update note : (6.0.21)
Set keese to not have keys

Added error logging to gui
Fixed debug mode bug in chaos boss randomizer
Added 10 second abort timer to basic/normal boss randomizer
Added some notes/updated packages
Added randomizer on hit flag/option

Update note : (6.0.20)
Stopped beamos (and other large immovables) from spawning in skull woods gibdo torch puzzle room.

Update note : (6.0.19)
Fixed mimic arrow vulnerability.
Added setting to make thieves killable.
Modified UI for max enemy hp.
Changed enemy hp randomization to "Type".
Fixed "typo".

Update note : (6.0.18)
Added tile room trap randomizer.
Added tile room trap replacement tile "randomizer" (it's just spikes for now, and will make trinexx ice tile spikes), don't use this with OHKO.
Added ability to turn on OHKO (note: this will make clocks 0 if you use it on a timed-OHKO seed).

Update note : (6.0.17)
Added new debug options.
Fixed graphics glitches for tile rooms, rock horder by DM entrance.
Removed wallmasters from OW and non-dungeon rooms.

Update note : (6.0.16)
Fixed infinite loop when using Boss Randomizer with Glitched (OW or Major) rando seeds.

Update note : (6.0.15)
Fixed bug that caused Shuffle Enemy Damage Groups to be run even if Randomize Enemy Damage option was deselected.
Added bulk seed generation.
Removed barrier from Mimic Cave if Randomize Enemies is enabled.

Update note : (6.0.14)
Fixed screwed up graph traversal for Boss Randomizer. Should now correctly check requirements for Arrghus, Kholdstare, and Trinexx when placing bosses.

Update note : (6.0.13)
Fixed OW graphics.
Fixed Big Fairy graphics.
Changed DM boulders back to vanilla behavior for now.
Removed excessive fish from OW.
Changed OW sprite code to allow moving sprites and expanding OW enemy count later. Shouldn't be any difference in play for now.

Update note : (6.0.12)
Fixed buggy room/ow area graphics.
Load sword/shield graphics from respective directory directory.

Update note : (6.0.11)
Fixed bug where config file from previous installation might cause errors if an alternate shield was selected.

Update note : (6.0.10)
Fixed bugs with bush sprite graphics
Updated code to exclude rooms instead of including rooms into randomization (should fix caves that were not being randomized)
Removed flying enemies from list of "killable" enemies so they never get used in shutter rooms
Other misc fixes and code changes to allow easier debugging

Update note : (6.0.9 beta)
Added MSU1 Support (Special thanks to qwertymodo for providing the xkas compatible source code)
Added uncompressed sword and shield graphics support. Old alternative shield graphics have been removed until they can be updated to the new format.
Switched to 7zip for bundled installer. This should fix issues with Avast not allowing the setup to run.

Update note : (6.0.8 beta)
Fixed Agahnim Alternative Graphics
Removed possible immovable sprites from pre-Agahnim room

Update note : (6.0.7 beta)
Fixed health underflow when "chaos" enemy damage was selected

Update note : (6.0.2-6.0.6 beta)
Created an installer
Moved config file to users appdata folder
Allow selection of output folder when generating a rom
Fixed various bugs related to unselected randomization options
Fixed various bugs with water rooms (some still remain, noteably pre-Arrghus)
Added new Enemy Damage options
Other bug fixes

Update note : (6.0 beta)
Almost the entire code has been rewrote by Sosuke3
Fixed Palettes for the overworld
Fixed Palettes pits palette for dungeons
Added new Palettes Modes
Added Shield skins
Added Andy Mode
Removed Kodongo from randomization pool until it get fixed
Added health range for enemies *Can potentially cause softlock if setted on > +30
Added Random player sprite when you get hit your sprite change
Added Alternate Gfx Mode
Added Bootleg Magic Mode
Added Heart Beeping Speed
Added Bush/Grass enemies random
Added Boss shells / removed existing one
Fixed the shutter door in blind room
Fixed Stal "only" sprite
Added Mimic separated from the eyegore
Fixed boss drop to drop in the middle of the room (except Hera)
Fixed lots of minors stuff as well
Logic check as been updated to prevent softlock by Sosuke3
Lots of changes/additions has been made by Sosuke3 thanks :)
Tons of new sprites added - Thanks alttp community !

Update note : (5.7)
Keys fix in skull woods
Music crash fix
Trinexx solid ground fixed

Update note : (5.6)
quick fix infinite patching problem

Update note : : 5.7 - 5 august 2017 Update note : (5.7)
Keys fix in skull woods
Music crash fix
Trinexx solid ground fixed

Update note : (5.6)
quick fix infinite patching problem

Update note : (5.5)
Palettes randomization fixed for dungeons
Crystal 5 and 6 Softlock fixed, Sarasrahla Item softlock fixed
Spark Sprite gfx fixed Added random sprite option, Random color for link Removed the musics not looping in music randomization Fixed the infinite hole pot in Agahnim Tower New code for boss moving (asm) allow kholdstare to spawn in PoD and Gtower3
Alots of New Sprites

Update note : (5.4)
Palettes randomization on the overworld almost complete
Some possible softlock fixed
New Sprites

Github Link : Github